Elena Ritmeisters

After school, I decided to be a commercial clerk. Soon after that however, I realized that I wanted to do work that is meaningful to me on another level. This is why I started training to become a Shiatsu therapist. The following four years I worked part-time in an office and completed my Shiatsu education. I got my diploma in 2012 and have had my own practice since then.

I like to spend my time off with my family and friends, either out in nature, at a concert or out dancing. For my own inner balance I practice Yoga and Qi Gong.

Training and further education

Health insurance: EMR, ASCA, EGK and Visana approved
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Mothertongue : German and English

  • Passing of the Advanced Studies Examination in Complementary Therapy
  • Training to become a Shiatsu Therapist at the ISS Kiental
  • Active member of the Shiatsu Society Switzerland
  • Further education « Shiatsu during Pregnancy and Birth » with Suzanne Yates
  • Further education in therapeutical conversation with Tillmann Jossé
  • Further education in the Dorn–Preuss method at the Tao Chi Center of Education
  • Further education in Kinesio-Taping by Dr. Kenzo Kase with Joris Pfeiffer, Kinesio Schweiz GmbH

«It is important to me to create a safe space during a Shiatsu treatment, so people can grow and discover their potential. The change between the different techniques allowes each system to let go of old strucures and explore new possibilities. »

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My network

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Patrick Brandenberger can release blockages in the musculoskeletal system using Osteopathie.

Sophie Maurer offers very efficient hypnotherapie sessions and courses in autogenic training.

Sarah Egli gives great Shiatsu in Zurich.

Till Zehnder gives great Shiatsu in Basel.

Simone Wehrli is the person to go to for advice regarding Naturopathy.

Holistic craniosacral therapy is offred by Roseline Bestler.

You can find my network regarding pregnancy and birth here.

And here you find people doing great things.