Shiatsu is a holistic form of bodywork

Shiatsu has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine, but was developed in Japan. During the treatment the client lies fully clothed on a futon (Japanese matt) on the floor. Shiatsu helps your system to achieve a balance of body, mind and soul. Western techniques of osteopathy flow into it.

Soft pressure

The English translation for Shiatsu is „finger-pressure“. A soft pressure with the fingers is mostly used when working with meridians. For structural techniques, knees and ellbows are also used to apply a wider range of pressure.


Fascia release

Fascia is a form of connective tissue that runs throughout our whole body like a large network. It helps to keep the organs in place and connects one structure with the other. But fascia can also contract or wind up, and can therefore disturb the balance of the bodily structures. During a treatment, we want to release these contractions and help the body to find back into its natural position through so called «unwinding» techniques,. Stretching and rotations can also be helpful to create room and free movement of joints.

Shiatsu also works with the energetical imbalance. In Japan, the theory goes that the states of Kyo (empty) and Jitsu (full) should always be connected to enable the body to balance itself.

Encourage personal responsibility

Your personal responsibility is a key factor in the success of Shiatsu treatment. With certain issues we can only achieve a lasting effect if there are changes made to your daily life. These can vary from improving your posture to increasing the level of physical excercise or to a change in your diet.
Together we will find a way to implement such changes into your daily routines.
To achieve good strategies and evaluate your personal situation, the in-depth conversation in the beginning of every session is very valuable.